John D’Agostino

Partner – Accounting, Business Advisory & Financial Planning

John is an Accountant and Partner at Westwoods BGA. John’s biggest interests are playing the drums in bands and soccer (football). Along with travel, they take up most of his time outside of work.

To put it simply, John loves helping people. With over 30+ years’ experience, John has seen and worked with many business owners. He takes the time to listen to their needs and come up with a suitable plan to assist them in achieving their objectives…the bottom line is he cares.

At Westwoods BGA, he works with clients in a range of areas, particularly Trades businesses, Cray Fishermen, Primary Producers, Builders, Aircraft Industry, Music Schools, Cafes, Restaurants and more.

Some of John’s career highlights include:

  • Helping a video production business from start up to becoming a successfully run business
  • Countless appointments and discussions with cray fishing clients to streamline and branch out with their businesses especially through quota reductions and price fluctuations
  • Outlining ways for building clients to effectively price and quote on jobs to ensure sufficient working capital requirements and cash flow reserves.

When John talks about why Westwoods BGA is different, he says

“It’s about our honest, upfront pricing, our cloud solutions and the fact that we interact with our clients regularly. Our clients stay with us because of the relationships that have been created…they know they can rely on us. We advise our clients on how to better manage their cashflow, increase their sales and derive more profit. This allows them to build better businesses and maintain that edge”.

John lists his greatest influences as his parents, as well as a couple of junior soccer coaches and his drum teacher.

He’s also received some junior soccer awards and is our resident drum master!

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