About You

You are a member of what we call The Committed Few

The gusto and desire to succeed which you bring to your enterprise separates you from others in business who are just going through the motions. Being a business owner is part of who you are and your mind is constantly looking for ideas that will give you an edge.

If pressed, you would likely admit that you are always looking at the core processes in your business. Certainly, you are continually searching for how they can be improved.

Without doubt you are prepared to do the work required to be successful. Roadblocks and setbacks do not deter you because come what may, you have the resilience and business savvy to think yourself into successful situations.

Highly likely (but not necessarily), your primary business is located within a 100 km radius of the Adelaide CBD.

You have an accountant who currently does your tax but frankly, you are looking for more. Much more. Quite likely, you suspect that there are faults with your business structure, opportunities to become better organised and tax which can be saved through forward planning. You are looking for a business adviser who will not just assist with such matters but help you create a better future – somebody who understands entrepreneurs and is nimble enough to work with you throughout your business journey.

At Westwoods BGA we provide forward thinking advice and assistance for small business owners who love being in business and who we refer to as – The Committed Few.

We offer integrated accounting and financial solutions for clients we think of as Freedom Seekers, Nesters and Multi-generational family businesses.


Freedom seeker

You have opted for an entrepreneurial life as the path to freedom and autonomy.

Because you create value by thinking differently, you are confident enough to avoid household debt in suburbia and sitting on a modest super balance invested in equity trusts. Instead you prefer to invest where and when business opportunities present.

Being prepared to commit to unfamiliar businesses/industries, you seek first mover advantage and are prepared to act decisively. Most likely you have already had several entrepreneurial endeavours and potentially may have retained a stake in some of them.

Whilst you recognise the need for business advice, timely response and astute suggestions regarding what to look out for will be absolutely necessary for a long-term relationship.

Established Business


Over the years you have developed a solid track record in business. Quite likely you would identify as being a quiet achiever. You are at the top of your game, knowing what your business is and are confident in your ability to take it forward.

Alongside optimising your business, you recognise that now is the time to be “bringing home the bacon” financially. You are looking to achieve predictably pleasing results in the business whilst taking increasing interest in becoming financially independent outside of it,

And yet whilst you are attracted to steadily increasing your net worth you equally wish to protect the downside, by safeguarding assets wherever possible.

You have long since recognised the value of good professional advice. You are seeking to align with a business adviser with a proven track to follow through to the finish line.

Multi Generational Family Business

Multi-generational Family Business

Over a good many years, your business has been intertwined with your family. The business has not just provided the lifestyle you have enjoyed. It has in many ways been central to family life, leading to enriched relationships and the desire to ensure it is passed on to the next generation.

You have a strong desire for a measured, orderly transition which preserves relationships within the family. Managed correctly, this will allow the older generation to step back with dignity and an appropriate financial return for their efforts, whilst progressively grooming the younger generation to take the business forward into the future.

Accordingly, your professional advisers must have the ability to relate to the different generations and provide guidance to the younger generation. You are seeking an open, transparent process throughout, led by an experienced adviser. Which ensures that treasured family relationships are retained throughout.

Being a member of The Committed Few means walking the road less travelled. Here at Westwoods BGA, it’s our role to help and guide you on your way so that you get to your ultimate destination.

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