What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning is an organisations process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions to act on pursing this strategy.

Our experience with strategic business planning began many years ago when we undertook the journey for our own business and quickly realised how valuable this process would be for our business clients.

How it works

We will run a one-day planning workshop for the business stakeholders and their key team members. The workshop can be held at our offices, your business premises or any suitable venue.

This interactive workshop will encourage the owners and the team members to work together under our guidance to develop your business strategy.

We appreciate that taking yourself away from your normal business activities represents a considerable commitment.

We can assure you the material covered in our planning workshop, the ideas to be generated and the powerful business plan with which you will emerge will more than justify your commitment.

At Westwoods BGA, we love delivering this program because we know how transformative it is. Quite simply it’s very exciting for us to be part of a process whereby good businesses become great ones.

We look forward to taking you on this journey.

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